Hanging out in the production van after reunion.

The whole gang from 'Alone' season 3 hanging out at the reunion episode.  Even though we survived alone and separate, there's a bond there that can never be broken.

Jim, Dave, Zach, and Britt at the reunion.

Greg and Callie at the reunion.

The cast of History's Alone Season 3. It wold be hard to meet a better group of people :)

Britt and I in Patagonia the day before launch.


Fellow Alone survivors from season 3: The toughest and yet most gracious women on earth!

Dan and i having a bit of fun and squaring off the way they made it look on the show.

Megan and Zach at the reunion.

The whole gang from 'Alone' season 3. (History's promo picture taken in Patagonia.)

Catching up after a day of filming the reunion episode

Greg and I holding my wizard staff that I carved in Patagonia.