Special Forces Shovel (sheath optional)

Special Forces Shovel (sheath optional)

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!!! Shovels come Hand signed and engraved by Fowler !!!

Cold Steel’s Special Forces Shovel is modeled after an original Soviet “Spetsnaz” military entrenching tool. This durable and effective shovel has a stout hardwood handle, a broad flat steel blade and 3 sharp edges. A popular tool with military and special operations units worldwide, we’ve heard tell of it being used to dig foxholes and bunkers, to chop branches, build shelters, act as an improvised paddle, and even as a last-resort weapon of defense! Our Special Forces Shovel is also immensely popular with the throwing community, as its head-heavy balance and multiple sharp edges make it an excellent alternative to a Tomahawk for sport and recreational throwing!

Fowler Says:

"This is the shovel I took with me to Patagonia and it allowed me to survive 87 days alone in the wilderness. I used it for digging grubs and worms for fishing, chopping bamboo for his shelter, throwing for target practice, and carving 150 steps into the mountain."