Mini Ceramic Folding Knife & Firesteel

Mini Ceramic Folding Knife & Firesteel

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The Mini folding knife is made from ceramic, brass, and plastic with a stainless steel keychain and a EPDM O-Ring so it is 100% corrosion free for use in any environment. While it can obviously serve as a great edition to an EDC keychain, because of it's small size, it can also be stashed in just about any little clothing crevice; hat, money belt, or even boots. We're sure you can find several places to stow some of these blades.

CUTTING: Remove the securing O-Ring, unfold the blade to cut through cardboard, leather, fabric, cord, or meat. The long slender blade gives a great usable length for precision slicing and will hold an edge better than steel (assuming you don't abuse it).

Firesteel/SCRAPER: This product was designed so that when folded closed the exposed pinch-point becomes the ultimate firesteel scraper. We pioneered the use of ceramic in this type of application and you'll never find a better material for the job. This makes the perfect replacement for any standard issue firesteel scraper. It shaves magnesium like a dream and rains down fiery terror onto your tinder bundle.

SIZE: Micro Survival Item! This is the smallest EDC folding blade money can buy, but slow down there Paul Bunyan! it's not meant for splitting wood, but it'll get the majority of tasks done, and done well. It packs a huge punch for a tiny accessory.

Version 3: This is the 3rd iteration of small ceramic folders. This new version was taken through an sintering process that turns the blade black (Perfect for all you blacktical ninjas!) and hardens the ceramic even more. The blade thickness has been increased. This has resulted in a stronger blade that cuts better and throws even more hunkier sparks with its spine. Translation: Stronger, cutty-er, blacky-er, cooler.

  • Closed Length: 1.7 inches

  • Blade Length: 1.1 inches

  • Open Overall Length: 2.8 inches

  • Weight: 0.1 ounce

  • Blade Material: Nonmagnetic Extremely Hard Zirconia Ceramic

  • Edge: Chisel Grind

  • Brass Eyelet

  • Includes: EPDM O-Ring for secure closure (Made in the USA)

  • Includes: #3 Stainless Steel Ball Chain (Made in the USA)


Warning: Extremely Sharp! Not intended for children. Ceramic provides many advantages over metal knives, but it has to be treated differently in respect to its unique properties. Excessive pressure or sidways torqueing can cause damage to the edge or snap the rigid blade.


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