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How To Shoot A Slingshot by Fowler's Makery & Mischief

How to shoot a slingshot

tips and tricks to get you shooting like a pro in no time!


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History Channel

Alone, Season 3
Behind the scenes


Fowler’s Makery & Mischief

Outdoorsman and Youtube Creator Zachary Fowler is a Vermont native who moved to Maine to become a wooden boat builder. Although building classic wooden boats was a passion and skill, Zachs real love was always for the outdoors. This would be expressed by his years providing for his family, occupying an off-grid Yurt style home, and living a self-sufficient lifestyle. 

         Fowlers enthusiasm for the outdoors and strong work ethic was proven when he applied for, and won History channels “Alone” show, where he survived for 87 days in Patagonia, eating only 63 fish and 2 birds. After winning the show Fowler chose to start his own Youtube channel where he could reach an audience and share his appreciation and knowledge of the great outdoors through video series such as the “30 Day Survival Challenge” and “Trick-Shot-Tuesday”.




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30-Day Survival Challenge Texas

YouTube creators Zachary Fowler (Season 3 Winner-History Channel's "Alone") of Fowler’s Makery and Mischief, and Chris Thorn of Drop Forged Survival collaborate and survive 30 days in Texas wilderness. Are there rules? No food brought with us. As long as it’s legal, we are going to catch It, and we are going to cook it!!!


Trick Shot Tuesdays
Season 2

This will be my first slingshot tournament, and I'm so nervous. Sure I'm used to shooting my slingshot in front of the camera and friends that come over. But I've never been put on the spot like going to a slingshot … outside of that one time I had to shoot three cans in front of 3,000 boy scouts last year.




Fowler Out

Follow along on the adventure with weekly blog and video posts from Zachary Fowler, winner of History Channel's Alone, Season 3 as Fowler demonstrates from his home in Maine how he survived 87 days alone deep in the mountains of Patagonia.


The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.
— Confucius (551-479 BC), philosopher

Fowler's Sketchbook

Pages from Zach's sketchbook made in preparation for his time in Patagonia on History Channel's Alone, Season 3.