How To Catch Lobsters In Maine (I Bought A Boat Episode 3)

I have a personal 5 trap noncommercial license to harvest lobster in Maine. It's wicked easy to get The five trap license. Last time we caught all the pogies we needed to bait my lobster traps and this time we get to check the traps and rebait them. Fallow along as i show you how i catch lobsters here on the cost of Maine!

Woodobo Spice
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Ideal spice for any wild or domestic meats including fish, birds, and mammals.  Works well on gopher, muskrat, squirrel, beaver, bear, deer, rattlesnake, armadillo, alligator gar, fowl and any fish, among many others.  Use liberally in stew for your wet meat, or dry rub on fish, duck, goose or grouse before cooking.  In a pinch, use it to flavor noodles, or rice, as a side dish or in stir fry.  In addition to kosher salt, make a brine and soak tougher meats like squirrel or muskrat overnight, in a non-reactive container, before cooking, for an especially tender dish!

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