I Strapped A GoPro On A Lobster

Monster Mike made I Strapped a GoPro to a fish and The Fish Whisper Made the Video I Strapped A GoPro to a Turtle so that got me thinking of all the fun stuff you could strap a GoPro to. My First thought was it would be fun to strap a GoPro on a grizzly bear But I thought I'd start out with something a bit smaller first. Since I have a five trap Lobster licenseI, I thought it Might be interesting if I strapped a GoPro on a lobster. So we set Out the other day with the intention the film I strapped a GoPro On a lobster. And boy did we nail it. I couldn't Have imagined in my wildest dreams The footage that come back From strapping a GoPro on a lobster.

Raw footage from the Gopro I strapped to A Lobster https://youtu.be/BQ6CmIrQR54

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