Kral Puncher Breaker .25 cal PCP Air Rifle Pro Tuned By Annihilator Airguns, Better than FX Impact ?

I just got the coolest thing ever in the mail a Kral Puncher Breaker .25 cal Air rifle all pro tuned by the seller Annihilator Airguns !!! This is a pro quality air gun with an affordable price. Within minutes of opening it i was staking shot on top of each other. It feels so good in the hands and after the tuning from Annihilator Airguns the trigger and actions are so smooth its like an extension of my body and i need only will the shots to go exactly where i wish. At half the price of the FX impact air rifles this pcp is a definite win. The bullpup stalk of walnut is a piece of art and feels so stable to shoot Im finding it hard to put down.

Annihilator Airguns & Tuning

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