Catch And Cook Alewife Fish, Episode ZERO, State of Maine Wilderness Living Challenge

Last time I went to Canada to do a 7day Wilderness Living Challenge ( The point is to gain or maintain our body wait while eating nothing but wild foods) with the Wooded beardsman . We had a blast living off nothing but wild food for 7 days deep in the back woods of Canada. Now He has come down to join me in my to do it all over agin near my house in the coastal stat of Maine. As part of our preparations before we head out for the 7 days we thought we woulds test the Alewife fish run and catch and cook some up for our dinner the result was very unexpected and not a happy un expected. The alewife run was good we dip netted a good number but the problem lies in eating them. Can we eat enough Alewives to survive or us enough of them in my lobster traps to bring in a bigger hall during the challenge?

Zachary FowlerComment