Building The OFFROAD Subaru Crosstrek Makery And Mischief Adventure Mobile With LP Aventure

My whole life I've only owned $500 trucks outside of the one time I spent $3,000, which ended up costing me more than all the other vehicles I've owned in repairs just to keep it on the road for a year. But, thanks to Bath Subaru and LP Aventure, I was able to turn my Subaru Crosstrek into a Makery and Mischief Adventure Mobile. Bath Subaru set me up with a 2013 orange Subaru Crosstrek and Lπ Aventure provided the 2 Inch lift kit, brush guard, rims, and under carriage protective plating. Along with the help of tires and accessories from Amazon, my adventure mobile became a reality.


Lift kit, Rims, Brush guard, and Under plating

Bath Subaru

Catch And Cook Alewife Fish, Episode ZERO, State of Maine Wilderness Living Challenge

See my Amazon store for links to all the things i got on amazon to outfit the adventure mobile

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