Into The Wild Day 1 Of 7 / Wilderness Living Challenge S04E02

Now that we got our bear we are heading out to spend the next 7 days surviving of the meat of the bear we harvested and whatever else we can harvest along the way. The goal is to gain or maintain our body with while eating only wild foods for the next 7 days if we loose any wait we loose the challenge!!! Tune in Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9pm est For New Episodes !

The Gear I packed for Canada

The Wooded Beardsman's Wilderness Living Challenge Season 4

Fowler's Wilderness Living Challenge Season 4 Playlist

Episode 1 Catch and Cook BLACK BEAR using DOGS / Wilderness Living Challenge S04E01 Survival Challenge Last October The Wooded Beardsman invited me up for season 4 of the Wilderness living challenge. So I backed up my ex-wife Subaru And drove 12 hours to join him in the woods near North Bay Canada. In this episode we set out to catch and cook a black bear using Dogs. The goal is to havevest enough meat and fat to make it posibele to gain or maintain our body wait while we head north for 7 days ealing only wild game we harvest along the way! Starting with a bear will go a long way to make a successful survival challenge!

Woodobo Spice
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Ideal spice for any wild or domestic meats including fish, birds, and mammals.  Works well on gopher, muskrat, squirrel, beaver, bear, deer, rattlesnake, armadillo, alligator gar, fowl and any fish, among many others.  Use liberally in stew for your wet meat, or dry rub on fish, duck, goose or grouse before cooking.  In a pinch, use it to flavor noodles, or rice, as a side dish or in stir fry.  In addition to kosher salt, make a brine and soak tougher meats like squirrel or muskrat overnight, in a non-reactive container, before cooking, for an especially tender dish!

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