Catch and Cook BLACK BEAR using DOGS / Wilderness Living Challenge S04E01 Survival Challenge

Last last October The Wooded Beardsman invited me up for season 4 of the Wilderness living challenge. So I backed up my ex-wife Subaru And drove 12 hours to join him in the woods near North Bay Canada. In this episode we set out to catch and cook a black bear using Dogs. The goal is to havevest enough meat and fat to make it possible to gain or maintain our body wait while we head north for 7 days ealing only wild game we harvest along the way! Starting with a bear will go a long way to make a successful survival challenge!

Tune in Friday 9pm est For New Episodes !

The Gear I packed for Canada

The Wooded Beardsman's Wilderness Living Challenge Season 4

Fowler's Wilderness Living Challenge Season 4 Playlist Mathew

Hawthorne (book a bear hunt):

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