How to Make Acorn Flower Biscuits / Day 28 Of 30 Day Survival Challenge Texas

Chris f foraged us some acorns A few days earlier and after several boils to remove the tannins and make them palatableI had an idea. I wanted to make a cornflower so we could make pancakes. At least that's how I presented it to Chris in the morning when he woke up. It takes a lot of work to grind down the acorns Into flour. I managed to find two rocks that would help me do that, basically creating mortar and pastel. In the end I was only able to grind it just so fine. In the acorn flower was not as sticky as regular flour so they made biscuits of a sort. So join me on yet another adventure and I'll show you how to make acorn flour biscuits. I failed to say in the video But white oak acorns are the best for this. Other Acorns require many boils to remove the tenants and remove the bitter taste. If there to better they could give you a little Belly ache.

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