Kayak Vs Paddle Board, Whats A Better Investment, Easier To Use, Fun and Good For Fishing!

I have a kayak and I have a Paddle Board so which one is better. I don't really know. I've never been on a paddle boat before today. Both the Pelican kayak And Goosehill inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board just came in the mail. So let's head down to the lakeAnd figure out what's best Kayak Vs Paddle board for the win. What's a better investment, More comfortable, Easier to use, And just downright fun. The Kayak or the paddle board?

Pelican Kayak The ARGO 100XP ANGLER https://www.pelicansport.com/us_en/ar...

Goosehill Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board On Amazon https://amzn.to/2nGqSuT

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