Catch and Cook Grasshoppers Fried In Raccoon Fat / Day 24 Of 30 Day Survival Challenge Texas

Thought I would try something defiant and catch and cook some grasshoppers. In an effort to find different foods to eat and ways to utilize the raccoon fat i caught 50 or so grasshoppers early in the morning wile it was cool before they were all jumping around and took them back to fry up in the raccoon fat.

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Day 24's Extended Cut / Gear version will be posted after the series ends But DAY 1's is ready And DAY 2's

All NEW! Fowlers Signature Survival Card

This Signature Card was created with Zachary Fowler, or more commonly known as just "Fowler". Fowler was an adventurer and nature lover since childhood. He would eventually become a boat builder in Maine, living a self reliant lifestyle on his homestead in the wilderness he loved so much. Winner of Alone Season 3, surviving for 87 days alone in the wilds of Patagonia, and outlasting 9 other survival and bushcraft experts without modern luxuries, and with only ten items to aid him.

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