Catch and Cook Catfish Fishing for Thanksgiving Dinner / Day 22 Of 30 Day Survival Challenge Texas Video Link>>

All you can do some days is THE NEXT THING .It's not easy to be thankful when your 22 days away form family on Thanksgiving day. But no matter how hard It is our tired I am I do the next thing. I rebate my fishing line, try something new. You don't give up Do You just keep on casting. And it's some point you figure it out and you start catching catfish again. So you start the fire You got the catfish And you eat it. And if that's all you have strength to do. You do the next thing.

The Rod i use in this video was bought of Amazon years ago and dose not exist any more. Its very cheap and i just replaced it with the one below. Its a only l and in or so longer when collapsed. But it so far feels much sturdier and reliable this will be my new rod from now on!!

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