Catch and Cook Rabbit With A 50 Cal Air Rifle / Day 16 Of 30 Day Survival Challenge Texas

Finally got to take shot at something with the 50 Caliber air rifle. I have been out hunting every day with the Air rifle since it came and no luck on the Turkey or dear so far. Fortunately I has a night vision scope And while I was on my way back I spotted rabbit in the woods. I came across the 2 fairly skittish rabbits that ran off before I had a chance to lineup a shot. The third rabbit I came acrossI managed to sneak up on with the air rifle. Yeehaw FinallySomething different to eat. When I set out that morning my goal was not to catch and cooker rabbit So this is a pleasant surprise. The 50 caliber air rifle is slightly large For stuff like hunting rabbits But it worked awesome. And the rabbit cooked up To a most delicious meal. The Seneca Dragonclaw 50 Cal air rifle came from Pyramid air Gun Mal link below with the other sponsors.

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