Wrist Rocket Slingshot, Old School Trick Shots (Trick Shot Tuesday Ep. #14)

Are they ACCURATE ?  Thought we would go Old school Trick shot This week So I dug out my old wrist rocket slingshot.   As a kid i played with the old wrist rocket slingshot here and there but only became frustrated with its In accuracy.   And when i hung up my bow in Favor of Learning the slingshot to take with me on History channel the Survival show Alone I went old school And bought A wrist rocket Slingshot.   And once again the old frustrations return.   And despite being A fairly well practiced Archer Accurate see with the slingshot alluded me.  I had to ask myself was the slingshot to old school could it do the job in a survival situation.   Before too long I switch to a custom slingshot With Flat band For greater accuracy.   So it's been just about two years since I hung up the old wrist rocket.  So I thought I dig it out And we go old school trick shot This Tuesday And find out If its the slingshot or the shooter.

Zachary FowlerComment