Smoked And Roasted Rotisserie Chicken On The Bushcraft Waterwheel Part 4 (87 Days Ep. 31)


I finally found a place to Roast that chicken on The Bushcraft Waterwheel. I wanted to do a rotisserie smoked chicken over an open fire for some time now. Finally everything is in order the waterwheel is ready and im going to show you how to cook a chicken rotisserie style over an open fire. It doesn't get much better then this the open fire cooking of the chicken imparts a good amount of flavor form the smoking and roasting process. Leaving you with the most delicious cooked chicken you will ever taste. And the bushcraft waterwheel i insurers And even cooking Of the chicken. Sure it takes a bit To smoke a Chicken over an open fire. But once you roasted it to perfection There rewards are worth Every bit of effort put into it.

Zachary FowlerComment