East Coast Slingshot Tournament 2018 (Trick Shot Tuesday Ep.10)

This will be my first slingshot tournament and im so nervous. Sure I'm used to shooting My slingshot in front of the camera And friends that come over. But I've never been put on the spot like going to a slingshot Outside of that one time I had to shoot Three cans in front of 3000 Boy Scouts Last year. Still like anything else when you get together with people who love the same thing You're going to have a blast!!!!

How to sloot a slingshot https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...

Unlisted extra footage form the shoot! https://youtu.be/WjCcAXA4mLQ

Fowlers Favorites Band-set Variety Pack

This is a combination of the best of the best, these three are the band-sets most commonly used by Fowler, and his go to choices.

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