Forging A Spoon With A Slingshot, The SimpleShot Hammer (Trick Shot Tuesday Ep. #6)


DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!! Forging is hard enough as it is much less doing it with a slingshot at 33 feet. Not to mention the shear stupidity of shooting a steel ball at something solid knowing its going to bounce back. It seamed like a good idea at the time is what they will have to put on my grave stone. I have banged up a few metal targets good over the years and it came to me that with enough shots i could forge something. And if your going to forge something you need a hammer of in this case the SimpleShot Hammer Slingshot/Slingbow. So good idea or not i got out the safety glasses and put a new band and Warrior slingshot pouch on my Hammer Slingshot and got to work. I still had that old skill saw blade i shot threw in a earlier trick shot video so i cut out the shape of the spoon and headed out to the yard and clamped it to the anvil, fired up a few torches and a forged a spoon with my Hammer ;) Took a few shot but i am very happy with the results the Hammer is on of the most accurate slingshot on the market because of the wrist brace and hammer grip so it did a grate job of forging my spoon!!!!

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