River Race In The Reed boat And Destroyed (87 days episode 27)

45th Annual Passagassawakeag River Race with the Reed Boat !!! The water is high from snowmelt and it's 40 degrees – let's do this!!!

How to build a Reed Boat (87 days episode 19)

When I went to Patagonia with History Channel's Alone, Season 3, I wanted to build a boat to help me get around to better fishing grounds. Unfortunately I was dropped in a very difficult location with no recourses to build a boat with like I have here in Maine. I wanted to build a bundle boat from bamboo but the bamboo was solid and sank when thrown in the water. Building a reed boat of the same construction style was out of the question as well since I could find none. My third idea was to build a boat from wood cut or dead falls. I was thinking that it would be a sort of trimaran. But that too failed since the wood there was dense or protected trees we were not allowed to cut down. But now that I'm home, there is an abundance of the common reed where I live here in Maine. So it's time to make my unfulfilled dream of building a reed boat a reality and – since the lakes are frozen – take it out into the ocean to test its strength. I hope you enjoy this "How To Build A Reed Boat" video as much as I did making it and paddling on the ocean during the ice storm!!!

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