Catch And Cook A Pizza In The Dutch Oven and How To Start A Fire With A Bow Drill (87 days Ep. 28)


My favorit food is pizza and out on Alone it was the only food i thought of.  As i cooked my fish head soup i would sing to my self "fish head soup i wish you were a pizza,  Fish head soup To bad you Taste like Poop."  Then I would sing About all the different toppings I wanted to put on my pizza when I got home.   So the other day I got Dutch oven out Pick up a pizza dough from the grocery store and some cheese and pepperoni And Headed up to the shelter to see if i could make a pizza in the dutch oven. Let's just say it came out a bit crispier than I intended ;)  And while i waited for that to cook i worked on making my own primitive bow drill set.  The plan was to show you all how to start a fire with a bow drill.   Which I sort of Did with the bed of mixed results.   It's not easy to start a fire with the bow drill you make yourself If you don't have the right materials.  There is definitely a learning curve to starting a fire with a primitive bow drill. 


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Zachary Fowler