Good Night Tea Lights, Joerg Sprave's Slingshot The Rambone 2.0 (Trick Shot Tuesday Ep. #4)


I have been selling Joerg Sparave's Slingshot for a while now and never tried it till today. Joerg's Slingshot the Rambone is very nicely made but it never Appealed to me because I don't shoot the pistol grip very often. But I figured this weeks trick shotI would busted out Rig it get up with some GZK bands and a WARRIOR slingshot pouch and see if i could Answer peoples question As to how many shots it takes me To hit stuff In my trick shot videos. So i got out three tea lights and Slingshot channel Joerg Sparve's Slingshot the Rambone and prepared to prove just how Accurate i can be Shooting a new slingshot for the first time.


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