Bow Drill Fire For The First Time Ever And Nailed It (Live Replay)

I have never started a fire with a bow drill before and the other day someone sent me a bow drill kit you can by on amazon.  So I thought now is the time ill unbox it in alive stream and head out in to the sun porch and fire it up.   I have tried this once before at the alone boot camp but was unsuccessful and never really tried again.  I can start a fire with a flint and steal and any number of faro rods or just on match so its about time I lern how do it with a bow drill.  And i nailed it !!! that bow drill kit i was sent works awesome next time ill make my own and see if i can still do it.


Bow Drill on Amazon By by Primitive Fire
-Full kit as seen in video 49.99$
-basic  33.99$
-Just the drill and bow set    21.47$      

Zachary FowlerComment