Slingshot VS. Shepherds Staff Sling

Speed, power, and accuracy – the slingshot and shepherds staff sling go head to head. Ballistics gel, melons, soda cans, and 5/8 plywood. Nothing is safe from the fury of the flying rocks shot from the slingshot or the shepherd's staff sling! I made a special slingshot just for the occasion so it would have the capability. I'm shooting with as large of a rock as possible. My hope was that it could keep up with my friend Jason's staff sling. He's been convinced for years that the shepherd sling that David used in the Bible was not the sling we see in all the pictures. That, in fact, the sling that David used to slay Goliath was actually a staff sling. The story of David and GoliathIt is fairly well-known but what a lot of people miss is the mention of David having a staff along with his sling. Jason has convinced me that more than likely David's staff was not a separate entity but part of his sling equipment, providing him with a stronger shepherd sling that could throw larger rocks. So he brought it over, and we're going to put it to the test and see if I can't out shoot his shepherd's staff sling.

Zachary FowlerComment