Snowy Overnight In The Thatched Reed Winter Survival Shelter (87 Days episode 25)

Finally what i thought was a perfect snow storm to go spend the night in my Thatched reed winter survival shelter.   I packed up my gear and loaded it all into the sled and hike out to the reed shelter.   That storm dumped over a foot of snow in places but i was warm and cozy in the thatched reed hut.  So much for survival i sat by the fire and whittled all night and got a good night sleep on my reed sleeping mat.  I cooked and egg in the ashes and coals and roasted an apple for dinner .  Woke up my sleeping fire Using my Fire banking methodI had put her to sleep the night before And had a good size fire going before I ever got out of bed.   But Once I got up I made some coffee And stir-fry from thrive life.  They make freeze-dried meals for dinners at home but work great for camping.  The weather outside might be frightful but inside my thatched reed winter survival shelter It's quite delightful!!! 

Zachary FowlerComment