Wazoo Ceramic knife / Fire Starter & SURE STRIPS Military Tinder (Best Micro EDC)


This is the Best EDC fire starter kit you could ever have.  The Sure Strips are a flat military tinder from Go Prepared Survival that can go anywhere without adding to your every day cary.  You can get several fire starts from a strip the size of a credit card you keep in your wallet.  Now you just need a spark and thats where the Wazoo survival gear comes in the Ceramic knife/striker and farro rod that go in the stash hat or the fire starter necklace.  The two things combine give you a Micro fire kit that can not be beat.  This is not just a sales pitch Everything you see here is part of my every day cary.  In fact the roller sparker and Sure Strip combo will give you the ability to light a fire one handed.  And it's all so tiny you con take it on a plain hidden in you Wazoo Cache Cap or as i call it Stash Hat!!! Trust me i know all of this Was easily smuggle Through airport Security last time I went on flight without a hitch.

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