Wilderness Living Challenge season 4 Fowler and The Wooded Beardsman

7 days of surviving off the land in Canada with the Wooded Beardsman. If you want to eat and you have to catch it and cook it. The point of the wilderness living challenge is to gain or maintain your body wait while living completely off wild game we harvested. Your not going to want to miss this we start out by geting a bear and move on to stuff to add to the meals since variety is the spice of life and all that. It was quite the adventure and we will take you deep in to the Canadian wild north where few have ever been.

Wooded Beardsman Season 4 Of The Wilderness Living Challenge

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Woodobo Spice
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Ideal spice for any wild or domestic meats including fish, birds, and mammals.  Works well on gopher, muskrat, squirrel, beaver, bear, deer, rattlesnake, armadillo, alligator gar, fowl and any fish, among many others.  Use liberally in stew for your wet meat, or dry rub on fish, duck, goose or grouse before cooking.  In a pinch, use it to flavor noodles, or rice, as a side dish or in stir fry.  In addition to kosher salt, make a brine and soak tougher meats like squirrel or muskrat overnight, in a non-reactive container, before cooking, for an especially tender dish!

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