Hammock Vs Tent Camping In The Rain

I Was given a hammock by Warbonnetoutdoors.com And im not sure ill ever sleep on the ground again. Tents Are Grate if its nice out and your not alone but I'm thinking that i may be a hammock camper for life now. This is not a Paid Endorsement i made a video a while back to say thank you for the hammock so i don't ow them anything i just really love my Hammock. Best nights sleep outside ever and at this point i have sleep in it 8 days in row and a total off 20 times overall. I was sold that first time. When i slept in it and found out you can sleep flat and on your Stomach if you wish. In my mind there is no way the Hammock could ever beat a Tent again. Of course i say that now as a single guy some day i may have to rethink this position ;)

Zachary Fowler1 Comment