30 Day Survival Challenge in Texas Zach Fowler & Chris Thorn

With KickStarter we intend to fund the "30 Day TEXAS Survival Challenge" and offer unique rewards and advertisement opportunities to our supporters. *********SUPPORT 30 DAY CHALLENGE ON KICK STARTER********** http://kck.st/2NUNwGV What is the "30 Day Survival Challenge"? Youtube Creators, Zachary Fowler (Season 3 Winner History Channel's "Alone") Fowlers Makery and Mischief, and Chris Thorn of Drop Forged Survival will be collaborating and Surviving 30 Days in the State of Texas. Are there rules? No rules, this will be a no holds barred Survival Challenge (As long as its Legal in Texas)! Entertainment/Interaction: The Guys will be periodically interacting with viewers via the "Youtube Live" platform. Giving you real time updates while they are surviving. A unique experience that's never been done before. Post Survival Series: Every day will be documented, Upon returning from the Survival Challenge, each Creator will Up-Load their own personal version of the experience to the YOUTUBE platform, Providing the viewers with 30 "episodes" on each channel. A total 60 individual episodes will cover their 30 day Adventure. Below is the graphic design for the "30 Day Survival Challenge, Thats Cute" T-Shirt. Available in the second tier of the Rewards program. *********SUPPORT 30 DAY CHALLENGE ON KICK STARTER********** http://kck.st/2NUNwGV

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