Ice Fishing With The Military Speedhook Survival Trapping Kit (87 days ep. 21)

Thought we would do a bit of survival ice fishing with the Military speedhook and even make the holes without a ice drill. Turns out the cold steel shovel makes an awesome ice chisel. And the speedhook all but garnets you will be pulling a fish out of the ice if you get a bit. This Speedhook is a must have in your bug out bag and just a good tool to have out fishing. In a survival situation you can even use it to catch birds and other small game. The Military Speedhook Survival Trapping Kit comes with everything you need to get you feed. But this time we are going to use it primarily for ice fishing and see how the trout like it. As well as make a fish trap from trash to catch us some bate to increase our chance of taking a good sized trout on the ice.

Zachary Fowler