Give away 2 of my 10 items on History's Alone and 2 sets of chopsticks made on the show 300$ of loot

$300 worth of loot including 2 of the 10 items i had on Alone and 2 sets of chopsticks i made on the show.  All you have to do is Subscribe to my youtube channel and place in the comments below "I'm in", and then do the exact same thing with The Woodsman's Bearded Channel: subscribe and comment "I'm in" on his video Will We Eat Skunk, linked below. The drawing will happen one week from the release of this video, on August 11, 2017, decided by a coin toss for which channel to use the random number generator to pick the winner.

Be sure to watch all of Chris's video His parody of me is hilarious!!!!

The Woodsman's Bearded Channel:

Prize video link "Will We Eat Skunk"

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