The Fowler's Reaction to ALONE S04 E09 (History's Alone Season 4 Episode 9)

Make note Alone season finale will be aired at 9 est one houre early to make room for the reunion episode the will air at 10 just after. 

So Jami and i thought we would sit down and watch Alone Season 4 episode 9 with you and tell you what we thought.  Don't watch this if you haven't seen episode 6 because its full of spoilers.  After we watch the episode of History's hit show Alone S04 E09 ill take you out my roof where i live in  Maine.   Then we will  talk about what i really think of this episode  and how things are going for the groups of contestants out there on Vancouver Island this season. 

Fowler Live On Alone Series Group Page Facebook this Thursday before Alone 8-8:45 pm est

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