Fidget Spinner Slingshot Not Click Bait

A few weeks ago, I went to Texas. While I was there I met Bill Hayes and we made a few videos. This is the first of them, where I talked Bill  into turning a fidget spinner into a slingshot. It's not clickbait, we really did it and shot it a whole bunch. Bill Hayes shoots at matches with this fidget spinner slingshot, does he manage to light it?  Bill is known for his ability to light matches with a slingshot at 33 feet and has even light on at around 100 feet. This is the first in a series of videos I made with Bill Hayes while I was in Texas. Does it slingshot? You can see how we turned a fidget spinner into a slingshot, although this is not a tutorial exactly you can see how to make a fidget spinner slingshot but i don't recommend. It was fun to try, but I would not recommend wasting a fidget spinner this way. While I was there I got a lesson from Bill Hayes on how to light a match with the slingshot, which will be featured in an upcoming video.   Bill Hayes is the  "MAN" with the slingshot and maker of Pocket Predator slingshots.

Bill Hayes Youtube channel see Him light matches there !!!

Bills Pocket Predator Slingshot

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