Off On A New Adventure, Leaving The Family Again :-( Vlog #16)Part 1of 3

Once again I'm off on an adventure that requires me to leave my family. First stop Texas. This is nothing like my big adventure to Patagonia but it still feels like a big deal to leave the family. Fortunately the new house is grate and i have the peace of mind that comes from my family being secure while i travel. So like i said first stop Texas and wow its so green i did not expect that. I guess all i know of Texas is from old movies and they make it look so dusty and dirty. Had a bit of trouble when i got there with the hole car rental but thanks to enterprise they fixed it all. No survival on this adventure i got a hotel room. In fact this hole adventure is a speaking and promotional tour that is going to take 12 days. Thats 10 days more than i have had to be away from home since going to Patagonia with History's Alone show. Im starting of here in Texas to Speak at the Self Reliance Expo in Irving. But i came a day early so i could mete up with a slingshot legend Bill Hayes. Bill Hayes was nice enough to have me over to his house in Waco and give me a lesson on how to light matches with a slingshot. Bill Hayes is the man with the slingshot and can light a match at 33 feet. And not just 1 but 3 or 4 in a row on a bad day. And has even light on at 100 feet. We spent the day shooting and i even talked him into turning a fidget spinner into a sling shot and trying for a match light. The video of my shooting lesson with Bill Hayes will be in a fallowing Video. Then next day was the Self Reliance Expo and it went really well i spoke for about an hour each day about my time out Alone in Patagonia and met some really cool People. Lost a bunch of my footage from the show when a sd card failed to load for some reason so there isn't as much of the expo featured in the Vlog as i intended. But I'll link up Chris's Video From Drop Forge Survival below he made a good video on the Expo. And once the show was over i packed it all up and headed for the airport for my first ever first class flight. So if you want to see that come back next time for Vlog #17 And be sure to subscribe the Premier of 87 days my new series will start on July 9th. It will be a complete reenactment of my time out on in Patagonia on Alone but as if i did it in Maine.

Pine tree ate my drone video Link

Fidget Spinner Slingshot Video Link

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Chris's Video From Drop Forge Survival 

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