The Fowler's Reaction to ALONE S04 E01 (History's Alone Season 4 Episode 1)

So Jami and i thought we would sit down and watch Alone Season 4 episode 1 with you and tell you what we thought. Don't watch this if you haven't seen it because its full of spoilers. After we watch the Premier of History's hit show Alone S04 E01 ill take you out to my shelter i made in My casting Video that Got me on Alone season 3. Then we will talk about what i really think of this and how thing are going for the groups of contestants out there on Vancouver Island this season. 

And be sure to subscribe because i am just about to start a show On this channel called "87 DAYS" . It will be a reenactment of all that i did out on my season of Alone but from the stand point of as if i did it hear in Maine. I'll be remaking all that i made out there on the show in and talking about what i did out there that never aired and what i would have dun differently should i get the chance to do it again. 

Alone Season 4 Jim Baird
Alone Season 4 Ted Baird

Alone Season 4 Jesse Bosdell
Alone Season 4 Shannon Bosdell

Alone Season 4 Pete Brockdorff
Alone Season 4 Sam Brockdorff

Alone Season 4 Alex Ribar
Alone Season 4 Logan Ribar

Alone Season 4 Brad Richardson
Alone Season 4 Josh Richardson

Alone Season 4 Brooke Whipple
Alone Season 4 Dave Whipple

Alone Season 4 Andrew Brody Wilkes
Alone Season 4 Chris Wilkes

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