How To Shoot A Slingshot Lesson 1 The Shooting Range and Slingshot Targets (How to Slingshot # 1)

In the Video the black and red slingshot i am shooting is the THE SCOUT™ SLINGSHOT (GEN 2)  Black Widow and the most popular and accurate Available on my website

So A lot of people have been buying slingshots of my website (linked below) so i thought i would put together a  series of slingshot shooting Lessons.   There is already a lot of stuff out there on how to shoot a slingshot but for the most part its confusing and contradicter information from video to video.  So this will be as comprehensive a series as i can make it taking you threw all you need to know about shooting the slingshot.  Lesson 1 i will cover the shooting range and slingshot targets.   I will get into how to shoot a slingshot with pinpoint accuracy and rigging the slingshot in future videos.   I learned how to shoot a slingshot by watching Bill Hayes and the man is good and can light a match at distances of 33 feet constantly.   But i wanted to start out with the shooting range for lesson 1 because it is in my thinking for beginners the quickest way to ruin your shooting experience if dun wrong.  

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