Goodbye Off Grid Yurt, We Bought a Mansion ! Vlog #10

We are saying goodbye to living off grid in the yurt and buying a house that feels like a mansion. Thanks to our amazing realtor Dave Cichowski and Cates Realty from Rockland Maine, I can give my wife the gift of running water. I go through my reasoning process for why we decided to buy a house in town instead of build our dream house on our land in the woods. I need a secure home for my family so I can feel safe going off on adventures in the future. My right of way goes through my neighbor's property which has turned into a junk yard over the last 7 years, and its not safe or sanitary for my wife and kids to be walking up and down our driveway through all that trash. Additionally in order to buy that land from the neighbors and clean it up, then build our house would take at least a couple years and cost more than buying something that only needs minor work and can provide the security my family desperately needs right now. I went on season 3 of Alone with the intention of winning so I could provide for my family, and this seems like the best course of action.