The Future of Makery and Mischief (Vlog #11)

I may be coming to an area near you. This is a channel update i know sounds boring but i put my usual spin on it and talk about whats up for Makery and Mischief .  There is a lot going so if you are interested in supporting this channel all you have to do is watch.  It wont cost you anything just 3.4 minutes of your time.   

T-shirts and slingshot for sale of My website All purchase go to supporting further content on My YouTube channel.

EVENT ! " L.L. Bean on may 20th and the 21st 2017"
-I will be at L.L. Bean on may 20th and the 21st 2017 for there get out side event crafting so come on out and meet me.

I will be speaking and hanging out at the Self-reliance expo
Self Reliance Expo
May 26 - May 27 · Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas
get tickets hear

Zachary Fowler