(Vlog #5) How To Boost Your Cell Phone Signal Living Off Grid

I have been living out hear for 10 years now and the cell phone reception has been bad the entire time.  I have to stand or lean my head against the window with the phone our go outside so I don't drop calls.   And now that I have a smart phone and plenty of data it would be nice if I can actually use it.  Most of the time I'm lucky if I can Bring up my Facebook feed.  1X popping up on the screen means death to the use of my phone for the evening.   Sometimes you can turn off the data and back on and get 3G for five more minutes and finish watching the lowest Quality version of the YouTube video.  But now I have found a solution.  Finally I have cell phone signal coming out my ears.  I figured out a way to boost cellphone signal through the roof.  YouTube videos play before you even click on them.   I haven't I had to wait for buffering once since I've installed the cell phone booster.  It was so easy to install.  A must have for every off grid homesteader or anyone that just suffers chronic week cell phone signal.  Worth every cent I spent on this and now that I have it I'd have payed twice as much knowing how well it works.    Even if you only have a hint cellphone signal this will make it like you're sitting next to a cell tower.  No dropped calls ever again.  You'll be able to stream video and even Skype clearly with friends.  The WeBoost cell phone signal booster only costs $549 on Amazon and it is awesome.  I linked it below for you.  It's like having your own cell phone tower in your backyard !!!

weBoost EQO Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home, Apartment or Condo, up to 1200 sq ft
Link: http://a.co/767LcDW

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