Testing a 134 Piece Survival Kit Bear Grylls Style

Got a survival kit in the mail and decided to put it to the test by jumping in the the pond while it was 28°f out and 3/4 inch of ice on top. It seemed like a good idea at the time. And that itwould be a grate way to test out this 134 Piece Mil-Spec EDC Micro Survival Kit. Truly a stunt worthy of Bear Grylls LOL. Can this survival kit save me from my own stupidity. Watching find out. 134 Piece Mil-Spec EDC Micro Survival Kit. The DFS Micro+ Survival Kit is Compact but can hold a Massive Amount of Survival and BugOut Gear! "Backed by a Lifetime "Worry Free" Warranty! See

DropForgedSurvival extencive review of the Micro Every Day Carry 134 Piece Survival Kit | EDC Link here https://youtu.be/Tdgkf26wJks

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SURVIVAL KIT CONTENTS: *Also on the listing* CONTAINERS : 5" x 4" Waterproof/Airtight Aloksak Bag - USA (U.S. Navy Approved/Issued) 9" x 6" Zippered Contents Package Bag (Holds 32 oz of Water) - USA FIRE MAKING : NATO FireSteel and Striker - NATO Issue SERE STRIPS Genuine Military Tinder - USA (U.S. Special Forces / Aviator Issued) (Starts over 30+ fires) Exotac FireSleeve (Black) (Bic Classic Lighter Sold Separately) CUTTING TOOLS & REPAIR : Derma-Safe Knife - USA NSN 6515-01-363-1212 Wire Saw – USA Repair Tape – USA 25' Type 1A Utility Cord - U.S. Military Issued (100 Pound Test) 2 Heavy Duty 8" Zip-Ties FISHING & TRAPPING : Military Speedhook™ Fishing/Trapping Kit - NSN 4220-01-379-5598 20' Brass Wire – USA SIGNALING & NAVIGATION : Liquid Filled "High Quality" Button Compass - Japan Fresnel Lens Magnifier - Imported Signal Mirror (Unbreakable) - Imported Acme “117 Db.” Tornado Whistle - (SOLAS, U.S. Govt. and NATO Approved/Issued) – UK WATER : Frontier Water Filter Straw – USA (Filters up to 30 Gallons) MEDICAL PROTECTION & AID : Space® Blanket, Mil-Spec OD 56" x 96" – USA Butterfly Bandages Latex-free Plastic Bandages Lip Guard Ointment Sunscreen SPF 30 - PABA Free Sting Relief APAP Pain Relief Medi-Lyte Electrolyte Replacement Triple Antibiotic Ointments Diamode (Anti-diarrheal) Total Weight: 11.5 oz. / .34 Kilos

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