Survival in the City with a Homeless Man "Know Cash" (Vlog #23)

I meet a very interesting homeless man with several viral videos on youtube and we traded survival Techniques. Know Cash as he is known sings for his food and is quit good at it. He got a viral video on Youtube 5 years ago when he was filmed singing for a big make se the video. See Homeless man sings for a Big Mac inside McDonalds After that he started his own youtube channel and went from No Cash To Know Cash see his channel here and found that he grew to 100 thousand subscribers and 6 videos with over a Million views and on toping out at 3.5 Million. We hung out for a little bit i showed him how to start a fire and give him my Wazoo survival Firestarter necklaceAnd showed them out of use it. Know Cash is still homeless and sining for his dinner but things are good he just Released his first major Production music video called kNOw CA$H "Be Better" We have stating contact since we filmed this together a month back I hope to run into him again at the next YouTube conference.

Zachary FowlerComment