How to build a Reed Boat (87 day episode 19)


When i went to Patagonia with History channels Alone season 3 i wanted to build a boat to help me get around to better fishing grounds. Unfortunately i was dropped in a very difficult location with no recourses like i have hear in Maine to build a boat with. I wanted to build a bundle boat from bamboo but the bamboo was solid and sank when thrown in the water. Building a reed boat of the same construction style was out of the question as well since i could find none. My third idea was to build a boat from wood cut or dead falls. I was thinking that it would be a sort of trimaran. But that to failed since the wood there was dense or protected trees we were not aloud to cut down. But now that I'm home i there is an abundance of the common reed what i live here in Maine so its time to make my unfulfilled dream of building a Reed Boat a reality and since the lakes are frozen take it out into the ocean to test its strength. I hope you enjoy "How to build a Reed boat" video as much as i did making and paddling on the ocean during the ice storm!!!

Zachary FowlerComment