How To Make Your Own Strike Anywhere Match and Waterproof It (AKA Survival Match)

I have been looking for a good strike anywhere match for a long time so i made my own.  It's surprisingly easy.  But there are dangers these DIY strike anywhere matches are very easy to light.   Of corse if you  make your own strike anywhere match and waterproof it becomes the most awesome Survival Match.  Matches that claim to be strike anywhere these days tend to still be only strike on the box and even then that's not a guarantee.   I've never tried the fabled Texas Bluetip.  Homemade Strike anywhere matches Work 10 out of 10 times.   I couldn't even get the best match I purchased to work that well on the box striker.  Now I finally have a match that when i shoot it with my slingshot at 33 feet It will light.   And the best part is I literally made these With supplies you can buy right at the Family Dollar store Down the road.  

Zachary FowlerComment