First Trap I Built in Patagonia On Alone Primitive Deadfall / Spike Pit Trap (87 Days Episode 13)


The First Primitive Trap I built out there was a Spike pit and i added a large log deadfall trap to the mix to increase lethality. Lets build it. Right from the moment i arived in Patagonia there was plenty of evidence of boar. The game trails were everywhere. But one spot stuck out to me As I hike up the hillsideThat most of the trails and area were funneled through. So that first weekend in I made a spike pit trap. I dug it about 2 feet deep and lined the bottom with bamboo punji sticks. But fearing that was not enough Later I added a tripod That can support the weight of a large deadfall Which I rigged to the trigger system That could drop The large log On any unsuspecting animal fell into the trap. As far as primitive traps go It was quite lethal. More often than not You have to set a lot of primitive traps just to catch one Animal. So by combining the primitive deadfall pit spikes with a With a primitive track trigger system that released a large deadfall onto the punji stick pit victim doubled my chances of lethality. As well as keep me busy and having fun since you cant legally build and operate a trap like this in Maine.

Zachary FowlerComment