Turkey Cooked Over Wood Fire Smoked and Roasted In The Bush (87 days episode 15)


I never had the chance in Patagonia to get a bird as big as a turkey, but here in Maine it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without the Turkey. So I'm going to go out to my camp in the woods to slow roast and then smoke a turkey over the fire until it is just right. For the most part, I will be smoking the turkey the same way that I smoked and roasted all the fish I caught while I survived in Patagonia those 87 days. There isn't quite enought time in the day to give the turkey the full smoking I would like, so I'm compromising and half-smoking and half-roasting over the fire for almost 7 hours until it is golden and juicy. I also brought along some Brussels sprouts, acorn squash, and apple to cook in the fire. The brussels sprout will be cooked on a stake and roasted over the coals. The Squash and apple will be buried in the coals of the fire until they have cooked through. This is going to be a turkey fit For a king.

Many thanks and much gratitude to Mel at Fresh Off the Farm in Rockport, Maine for supplying us with the produce and turkey! They ship Fresh Maine produce nation wide !!! See them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/FRESHOFFTHEF...

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