Slingshot or Slingbow What Should i Take on History's Alone All Stars (87 days Episode 11)

So this is purely hypothetical I'm not under contract right now for a season of History channel Alone All-Stars. But I do take it for granted that it will happen unless the show goes under completely Which I don't see happening. It's just a matter of time and what a better way to spend my time but Preparing. After all I'll be going up against Alan , Dave, Jim and Ted's excellent adventure And I suppose a few others by the time they put it together All of which will have never quit. My brain has been busy coming up with new hacks for my gear And refining my 10 items list. I don't intend to change Any of my items. With the exception The slingshot Which won't be Swapped out for something different as much as Upgraded. I was only allowed 30 pieces of ammo for the slingshot which I painted pink so I could recover it and shoot it as many times as possible. In the end I pretty much just shot rocks every day for practice And brought all but two or three of the pink ammo home. There was Almost nothing to shoot the slingshot at But when that day came I was ready and got that one bird with my slingshot and a rock i was saving for the day. I cooked it for like two hours in the fish head soup and after 70 something days Of fish that was the best thing I had ever eaten. But I'm going to have to do a lot better than that if I'm going to out survive the others next time. I feel like I dropped the ball little bit by not making arrows out of the bamboo there and making a slingbow to shoot fish. The odds of that being successful are very slim but it may have been a better use of my time then making 200 spoons for Christmas Presents. But if I just started off with the right slingshot that could shoot arrows and still be a slingshot I could probably bring home the bacon. As long as there was something to shoot. So if the archers going out on Alone can bring a bow and six arrows. It shouldn't be too hard to get permission to bring a slingbow With six arrows. I'm thinking 2 with broadheads, 2 with fishing heads, and 2 with Practice tips. I have to make a primitive spool for the front the slingshot But I don't see that being too difficult when it comes to the fishing. I've even managed to shoot fish With regular slingshot ammo but that means you have to jump in and get them. I haven't shot my bow since I picked up the slingshot three months before heading out on Alone. And back then I made my arrows by hand from the sitka spruce of old boats masts. They were gorgeous but not the most durable things in the world when you missed as often as i did.

I'm thinking Fiberglass arrows might be the most Durable arrow to bring. What do you guys recommend? 

And I've been shooting simple shot Hammer but I want something that goes in my pocket so it's always with me and the hammer is a little big. Has Anyone Tried Shooting arrows With a slingbow braced only with a lanyard? 


Zachary Fowler