How to Install Bands on a Slingshot SimpleShot Torque, Scout, Hammer, Ocularis (How to Slingshot # 2


This is a How to put Bands on your slingshot Tutorial. In this video I go over How to install Flat bands and tubes On All the slingshot I sell on my website. I go over the installing of flat bands on all 4 of the different SimpleShot slingshot that i sell on Including the installing of bands on a slingshot that is hand carved form a tree fork. The principles are universal so no mater what you have for a slingshot this will get you going. I don't cover how tie on pouches that will be in lesson 3 where we will go over how to make you own bands. The slingshots that i cover in the attaching of bands to are as fallows. Authorized dealer of SimpleShot slingshots THE SCOUT™ SLINGSHOT (GEN 2) THE HAMMER SLINGSHOT / SLINGBOW FULL KIT MAXIM OCULARIS™ YELLOW JACKET OCULARIS AXIOM CHAMP™ YELLOW JACKET THE TORQUE SLINGSHOT BUG OUT BOTTLE- Full DIY Slingshot kit 1/2 steel ammo slingshot rock chucker bands and instruction on how to make a tree fork slingshot. Luke Soderling Winner of the Wheel A survival show on the Discovery Channel. Check out his YouTube channel for collaboration Video Where i give him a slingshot Lesson And his great content.

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