Jami Fowler's 87 days Alone Off Grid With 2 Kids (87 days Ep.12)

Jami had her own struggle to face Alone in a yurt in the Maine wood while razing two kids while i Survived out in Patagonia unreachable for 87 days. We did everything together up till the day i had to leave Jami and my 2 daughters on the side of the highway with broken car waiting for a tow. I was scheduled to embarq on a journey that would last for 87 day of no contact with my wife Jami and the girls. Little did either of us know at the time of my frustratingly difficult departure that She would have to face the grater battle. Finding her self carless and living off Grid in a Yurt Farm in the Maine wood with the closets family days away. No power no running water and the summer days just then getting hot enough to drive you out of the yurt till evening. She was a practiced hand at feeding the animals and taking care of the family as long as nothing broke. But thats not the reality of living off Grid something needed fixing daily and with out her husband that burden would fall all on her shoulders. It is not an enviable task to be a Mother razzing 2 kids off grid in a 12 foot yurt while your husband is of chasing his dreams. And neither of them thought she would have to do it Alone for 87 days.

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