Slingshot Quick Draw ( Journey to Beat the Guinness World Record with a Slingshot Ep. 5)

Still trying to  beat the Guinness world record With my slingshot.  As part of my practice for that I have been shooting down drones, cans and Balloons.  It has been a little while since I tested myself to see how many cans I could get in a  minute.   But I practice daily, sometimes an hour a day.  I think it will take me at least 2 more years to build up the speed and accuracy needed to knock down more than 24 cans in a minute at 33 feet.   But I feel like I'm well on my way And a lot of that is due to the fact That I started using a new slingshot pouch.  Warrior Slingshot pouchs reached out to me recently and provided me with a full selection of the slingshot pouches they make.  They make a very unique slingshot pouch which is laminated Synthetic Cloth Stuck to leather.   Previously the pouches i was using would end up all twisted up after each shot and make me fumble the reload.   The slingshot pouches Warrior provided me are a bit stiffer and spring back straight after each shot so they are ready to receive the reload.    Combine that with the new tubing I purchased from Simple Shot Slingshot Company I've increased my slingshots efficiency Buy at least another 50%.      Which is ultimately the most important part of all this right now.   Because it doesn't matter how fast you are If the slingshot is all tangled up when you go to reload.  Now it's just a matter of more practice  It is winter comes on I have begun to build a slingshot range inside the house.    In a year and a half since I came up with the idea of try To beat the Guinness world record of how many cans you can knock down in a minute with the slingshot  My speed and accuracy has increased I thousand percent.  Of course that's easy to say now because I had almost no speed for accuracy a year and a half ago.     Right now I believe PF shooter to be the fastest man alive with the slingshot.  PS shooters speed Shooting capability with a slingshot as far as I can tell is unrivaled.   But there can be only one and it is my to someday be the fastest man alive with the slingshot  and to that end I practice daily.   And Like everything else I set my hand to I will never give up, I will never surrender.  

Zachary FowlerComment